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World Cup kits: 10 shirts voted as worse than England's new home design – GIVEMESPORT

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England’s 2022 World Cup kits have received a mixed reception, let’s put it like that.
While each and every fan has their own opinion on the new designs pumped out by Nike, the moral of the story is that the away shirt is a big hit but that the home version isn’t popular at all.
The writing has been on the wall for some time now with a series of leaks making fans feel nervous about what they can expect the Three Lions to wear in most of their games this winter.
And the gist of things is that the new home shirt with its blank white torso and ombre spectrum of blue on the shoulders has not gone down well at all with the majority of supporters.
As such, many are pigeonholing it as one of the worst jerseys that will be on display at Qatar 2022, but is that genuinely the case?

This is the worst England home kit I can remember in a long time. So old fashioned. Looks like something a 12 yo created on MS Paint 🤢 pic.twitter.com/MhwInOaW6k
Well, although judging football kits is ultimately a completely subjective exercise, the fascinating website that is Football Kit Archive allows us to average out all those differing opinions.
That’s because their vast database of shirts past, present and future comes with an option for users to rate each and every design out of five stars depending on how much they like it.
That, in turn, will be aggregated to create an overall score of how that strip has been received, thus taking us as close as possible to an objective measure for which shirts are the best and worse.
So, when we curiously peeked at their section on 2022 World Cup kits, we expected to see England’s widely panned home shirt to rank amongst the very lowest-rated at the tournament.
But alas, while it’s rating of 2.4 stars mean it’s hardly been lauded by its 1,400 voters, we were surprised to see that it wasn’t a low enough score for it to place in the competition’s bottom 10.
We can hear your ears pricking up already, so be sure to check out the 10 jerseys that have indeed been voted by the people as being worse than England’s brand new and thoroughly divisive strip.

🇨🇷 Costa Rica, New Balance reveal the nation's home and away kits for the upcoming 2022 FIFA Men's World Cup in Qatar ⚽

Full story, pics here: https://t.co/42rHR3mRNU pic.twitter.com/fMubKOitcI

Fast meets ferocious in the new Senegal away kit. The national flag and “Les Lions” lettering take center stage, complemented by an abstract graphic of a lion’s mouth to celebrate the bravery and intensity shown by the Lions of Teranga. https://t.co/Oe1EN0l7Rn #DiskiFans pic.twitter.com/B3sdwmKtie

Uruguay’s away kits for the World Cup….let me know your thoughts.

My opinion…tough to look at pic.twitter.com/xNTt6VE9BB

Cristiano Ronaldo in Home Kit of Portugal 🇵🇹 for the World Cup.

Rate it out of 10. pic.twitter.com/JxTkR1Pzqv

Ghana's World Cup away kit is going for 887.93 Ghana cedis. pic.twitter.com/5uweyOEzQZ

This morning at 3am ET, U.S. Soccer revealed the #USMNT home & away kits for the #WorldCup2022.

The kit has not gone down well with players or fans. Read more 👇 @sportingnews https://t.co/6mTwvasqn3

20- Switzerland away- cool way of having a white and red kit but nothing too interesting pic.twitter.com/ei8W0SCcDV

Serbia away kit leak….thoughts ? pic.twitter.com/vecuWra55m

USA have released their new World cup home and away kits 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#putitinthebox #putitintheboxmysteryshirts #mysteryshirts #mysteryfootballshirts #mysterykits #mysterykit #shirtinabox #mysterybox #mysteryshirtinabox #shirts #football#supportsmallbusiness #smallbusinessowner pic.twitter.com/tqQiAChyAo

I'm sorry but these Canadian kits for the world cup are absolutely terrible, for the 2nd time Canada has ever qualified should be special, a plain red home and white away shirt is pure laziness @Drake @nike @welcomeOVO Nike x OVO kit would be the best kit #worldcup #canadasoccer pic.twitter.com/Qq6xAbHj95
Well, well, well, it looks like England’s derided home shirt has been spared a spot in the bottom 10 at least in part because of Puma’s controversial ‘box’ templates for their away strips.
The jarring look of Serbia, Switzerland, Ghana, Uruguay and Senegal’s alternate kits have all been panned by the voters with the chest boxes to hold the squad numbers proving widely unpopular.
Elsewhere, Portugal’s 50:50, Monaco-like design has gone down like a lead balloon as many feared it would and Team USA’s new pairing has also been slammed despite finding themselves a passionate core of fans.
But at the top, rather understandably, is the staggeringly basic away shirt given to Canada to mark their long-awaited return to the World Cup stage.
It’s easy to see why so many fans have slapped it with a terrible rating because Nike could have done so much more than just churn out a plain white jersey that resembles a training top.
And for all the faults which have been levelled at England’s home shirt, that’s certainly something you can’t accuse it of looking like. Maybe it isn’t so bad, after all…
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