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Turning old jeans into skirts, shirts, Korean designers conquer denim lovers – Morning Express

Sharing with her fans, a representative of Korean fashion brand KIMHĒKIM said: “I am in love with the natural shine of denim after washing. For me, each denim item has its own special beauty, no two are alike. All of them remind me of the wonderful greenness of the beautiful oceans.”
The jeans become a high-class strapless dress that makes denim believers very excited.
Combined with tweed, rough and silver leather… KIMHĒKIM’s fashion products are very different – a fashion color that is completely different from the Korean fashion style that is heavily imprinted with K-pop.
From that love, in its new collection on the eve of the spring 2023 fashion season, KIMHĒKIM has built a collection called Obsessions (designer Kiminte’s obsession with beauty and love of denim).
“The inspiration for the collection is, of course, from the clothes and denim pieces. We discovered a variety of denim styles in different second-hand stores in Seoul. The stitching, patching, and patching of denim pieces together to create new shapes, looks – costumes made us extremely excited, as if deciphering a secret. A classic denim shirt transforms into a fashionable dress or an old pair of jeans we create a new, unique couture strapless dress – that’s great…
Old jeans and denim pieces have been “transformed” by Korean designer Kiminte Kimhekim to create different and classy fashion products.
KIMHĒKIM is the realm of denim – from designer Kiminte Kimhekim’s love of denim to obsession.
Not only that, but it’s also a denim-tweed blend, with silver-tone leather pearl inserts giving a completely different twist to denim – sure to please denim lovers. completely satisfied,” added the designer.
A working session at Maison KIMHĒKIM.
Spending time focusing on each element of jeans to transform it into new elements, Kiminte Kimhekim has created unique and sublimated features for her collection. Ties, jackets, corsets, belts… all are fully exploited by Kiminte. Designers have taken Levi’s jackets or Dickies overalls in second-hand stores to a whole new level.
“The blend of tradition and modernity, past and future. I always dream that, wherever I am, the present me or the future me. And I entrust that in the collection Obsessions This is just my denim,” Kiminte said.
KIMHĒKIM’s denim “workshop”.
Once an intern at Balenciaga under Nicolas Ghesquière, Kimhekim was deeply influenced by Cristóbal Balenciaga’s craftsmanship, tailoring and archives, so Kimhekim has a very distinct way of creating, designing and producing clothes. , with a personal touch.
A sample from Kimhekim’s show.
Young designer Kiminte Kimhekim with a special love for denim.
Regarded as a rising star in the Seoul fashion scene, Kiminte Kimhekim, with her passions, has created something different when people think of Korean fashion – the simple, rudimentary outfits from jeans and denim are still gorgeous in their own way, without necessarily being tied to the rise of K-pop culture or the sleek, sleek outfits of celebrities.
Source: Kimhekim.com, Tatlerasia.com, FBNV, Instagram NV

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