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The true meaning of the Lionel Messi shirt that caused a furor on social networks is revealed – El Futbolero USA

Lionel Messi arrived in the United States with his Argentine National Team, ahead of the FIFA date, against Honduras and then against Jamaica. The Argentinian striker for Paris Saint-Germain caused a stir on social media because of his curious shirt, which is the first time he has worn it in public.
How could it be otherwise, people on social networks have already found the exact brand and model of Lionel Messi’s shirt, even its high price is already known. The shirt is Louis Vuitton short-sleeved, with a duck design, nothing more, simple, but still everyone wants it.
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It didn’t take them long to find the model of the shirt and the price, and they discovered that the item of clothing costs 700 euros, furthermore, in a few hours, the shirt was already put out of stock on the web pages, from so many people who He bought it to have the same outfit as his idol.
After a very complicated first season with the PSG, now Messi is in a good time, since with 6 goals and 8 assists so far this season, the former FC Barcelona striker has become the most important player of the player in the PSG. Messi is ready to win the Qatar World Cup with Argentina.
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