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The Supermodel Project at This Year's NYFW — Flaunt Magazine – Flaunt Magazine

Rapper Ja Rule and underground dance icon Kevin Aviance who’s featured on Beyonce’s new Renaissance album will be just a few of the special guests at Supermodels Unlimited Magazine’s annual Fashion Week benefit, The Supermodel Project, taking place this Saturday in NYC. Hosted by Jordan Kimball from ABC’s The Bachelorette and beauty influencer Lisa Opie, the night will feature three themed runway shows, including one honoring September as Suicide Awareness month, with boldface names like Kasey Cohen from Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean, Nick Spetsas from ABC’s The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise and Supermodels Unlimited Magazine cover model, Teen Supermodel of the Year, Landyn Exarhos, walking the Supermodels Unlimited runway. The evening will conclude with an acoustic performance from the band Emblem3.
Mary Baldwin, the creative director of Supermodels Unlimited, sat down for a one-on-one to discuss the charity event.
What inspired Supermodels Unlimited Magazine to celebrate the Season’s Most Beautiful Models this Fashion Week?
September is not only NYFW but also Suicide Prevention Awareness month, so we thought what better time to bring together a group of beautiful people to shine light on such a prevalent issue that effects many.
Many would be shocked to learn how pervasive mental health issues are in fashion.
It’s true. Some of the most beautiful fashion models have struggled with mental health themselves and hold the mission of suicide prevention close to their hearts.
How has the idea of beauty changed in the last few years?
Molds are being broken with height and weight requirements. Models of all sizes, abilities and backgrounds, are being discovered and thriving in an industry that is now not only accepting, but welcoming diversity and inclusion with open arms.
So catwalks aren’t only for the likes of Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Tyra Banks and Ashley Graham anymore?
There is a place for the Gigi and Bella Hadids and Ashley Grahams, certainly, but brands have recognized that it is so important that everyone be able to see a likeness of themselves in pop culture and campaigns. Doors are being opened for people of all genders, races, sizes, and abilities so that everyone is seen and included, and that’s really beautiful.
Of the models walking in the Supermodels Unlimited Magazine show, who are you most excited about?
We are truly excited about all of our models! Hosting the show and modeling is Lisa Opie, a highly respected entrepreneur and social media influencer who was heavily bullied as a child, due to her diverse background, but is now thriving and successful. She is proof that no one can dim your shine if you love and believe in yourself.
What fashion trends will you be featuring at your show? 
Our runway shows this year will concentrate less on fashion and more on the impact fashion can have on the world. In one of the shows, we will be featuring custom T-Shirts honoring the mission of the suicide prevention hotline. Another show will honor Ukraine with models presenting fabulous designs in blue and yellow. There will be lots of glam, though! We will be featuring beautiful evening wear designs from Pinkapple Dresses and The Couture Room, among others.
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