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TenZ debuts Project T manga published by Warren James – ClutchPoints

TenZ debuts a new product line headlined by a bespoke new manga titled Project T published by Warren James.
Warren James partners with TenZ to debut the special manga release of Project T, in coordination with Prodigy Agency and with art from Levi Tonin (Born Cartolla). The manga release headlines TenZ’s new apparel line through Warren James, meant to intertwine the storyline of the manga with the official product drop. TenZ’s new line of merchandise features custom tie-dye prints, screen-printed and embroidered graphics, and premium quality textiles.
“I’ve been thinking about having my own merch for a long time now, and I couldn’t be happier with the collection we are launching with Warren James.” says TenZ. “We spent a lot of time making sure it really fits my personality and tastes and I hope the fans will love it as much as I do!”
The exclusive merch is available now for a limited time on TenZ.gg, TenZ’s collection offers hoodies, T-shirts, crewneck sweaters, joggers, shorts, and a hat. Fans can choose between off-white or black colors, with the exception of the hoodie which is available in a custom red tie-dye print. The limited collection will be available through September 19.
TenZ’s Project T serves as a part of a worldbuilding effort between the Sentinels player, Prodigy Agency, and Warren James. The 11-page Japanese-styled comic book was released in conjunction with the launch of TenZ’s first collection. It follows an agent who is sent to infiltrate deep within a shadowy organization’s base to retrieve valuable data to upload to the world. Deftly fighting his way through groups of enemies, skill, and wits are the only things keeping him alive to accomplish the mission. As the story boils to a climax, readers and fans alike are left to wonder what the data contains.
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