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T-Shirt Labs Celebrates 4 Years With 4th Press Machine – Newswire

The screen printing market for the United States was estimated at $474.4 million in 2020 and is projected to reach 1.2 billion by 2027. In 2021, the U.S. custom t-shirt printing market contributed to over 78.9%, and leading the way was local Clearwater, FL, t-shirt printing company, T-Shirt Labs. 
With the industry’s growth, T-Shirt Labs has also expanded exponentially as it celebrates its 4th year as a nationwide powerhouse for custom t-shirts, embroidery, and award-winning designs. Highlighting the importance of Pantone colors for the ancient art of screen printing, as well as the highly regarded plastisol ink for long-lasting and vivid coloration to the fabric. A fourth industrial machine culminates the pristine quality and results from T-Shirt Labs through their dynamic team and combined craftsmanship of custom printing with meticulous attention to detail from every staff member. 
While being small compared to large corporations, the capacity of accepting orders as little as just a few to thousands is well within reach for T-Shirt Labs founders, Chris Gruskin and Aaron Pennamacoor, who the latter says about their accomplishment of celebrating 4 years in business, “You have to start somewhere and T-Shirt Labs is the perfect example of that. It takes one thing to get started – an idea. Hard work STILL pays off!” 
As the custom t-shirt printing industry rises to new heights through the success of social media and e-commerce stores, T-Shirt Labs is ready to keep brewing up their colorful creations in their expanding premises. Having just secured a second facility to offer more capabilities of accepting larger, bulk orders and hiring more personnel, T-Shirt Labs now holds an impressive 19,000 sqft in total to deliver freshly made orders at an even higher scale. 
Their motto stands stronger than ever: Let’s Get Shirt Done. To view their laboratory of prints, designs, and more, visit www.T-Shirtlabs.com
Source: T-Shirt Labs
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T-Shirt Labs offers custom screen printing and embroidery for businesses of all sizes. Our standards are the best in the industry, with top-of-the-line staff, equipment, and #1 customer service and satisfaction!
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