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Space Science Investigations Achievement Guide & Road Map | XboxAchievements.com – XboxAchievements

Find an Apple
Read the six blue books
Berth the HTV
Open the Cupola
Return to the game a second time
Collect a Wrench, Drill, Screwdriver, and Duct Tape
Get oriented with the layout of the ISS
Complete all tasks
Watch the Immune video
Watch the Muscle video
Find a toilet
Collect a Teddy Bear, Soccer Ball, Yo-Yo, and a Dinosaur
Visit 10 weblinks
Prepare for the HTV arrival
Watch the Cardiovascular video
Visit every module in The Station
Fly through the US Lab without touching the walls
Watch the Vision video
Watch the Vestibular video
Complete the initial training
See something strange in the WORF
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