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RHOA: Shereé Whitfield Thinks Website Crash Is 'A Good Thing' – Screen Rant

Shereé Whitfield responds to the She By Shereé website crash and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star thinks it’s actually ‘a good thing.’
Shereé Whitfield apparently thinks it's "a good thing" that her She By Shereé website crashed shortly after its launch on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Shereé has been under fire for the failed launch of her long-awaited fashion line debut. It's been 14 years since Shereé first introduced the concept for her She By Shereé line with her infamous fashion show "with no fashions." Shereé's season 14 return focused on her attempt to finally unveil the first-ever She By Shereé collection.
The season finale ended with an announcement telling viewers the She By Shereé website was officially up and running. But within hours of the call to action, Shereé sent out a statement telling fans the website was down and to check back in 24 hours. Once the site was back up and running, fans started questioning the quality, price, and execution behind Shereé's first launch. Models on the site sported wrinkled t-shirts with some of Shereé's signature phrases that were priced at $142. Fans wondered how Shereé could charge so much for products that were poorly represented. Elsewhere, fans noted the drastic similarities between Shereé's pricey jogger set and two pieces found on SHEIN and Amazon for more than half the price of She By Shereé.
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Amid all the criticism, the She By Shereé website was shut down by the end of the middle of the week after an "overwhelming" response to the first collection. Despite how embarrassed most aspiring designers would be about the failed launch, Shereé claims it's all good and signs of bigger success on the horizon. "This is just another example of over-promising and underdelivering,” Shereé told Women's Health about the web developers she blames for her crashed website. She went on to explain why she's "grateful" amid the flop because the crash highlights “how many people are still interested at this time.” RHOA star Shereé thinks the website crashing is "actually a good thing," she claimed.
Shereé is determined to get the site back up and running and says she "will not sleep until this is figured out." The OG housewife is also aware of all the SHEIN comparisons and says she didn't know about the retailer's similar designs when putting together her pieces. Shereé also explained why her pieces are priced drastically higher than her competition. "The majority of my pieces are custom,” Shereé explained. “Everything you saw on the runway was custom.” The reason the She By Shereé joggers are priced so high is because of the "quality" Shereé put into them. “Everyone who follows Shereé Whitfield knows that everything I do is quality," Shereé quipped. "I am quality.” She also says her t-shirts were improperly marked and only the personally signed t-shirts cost $142.
But the fact of the matter is the She By Shereé website is down with nothing available for purchase just days after its launch on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fans have been rooting for Shereé's success with her fashion line since season 1. But time and time again, she shows that whether it's "Spring, Summer, or September" it'll be a challenge for Shereé to get her fashion line off the ground. Shereé is keeping her head up high and not letting anyone see her sweat. Meanwhile, the question mark surrounding She By Shereé has only grown.
Source: Women's Health
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