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Lone Star Beer creates new merch collection with outdoor goods expert Duck Camp Lone Star Beer creates new merch collection with Duck Camp – Craft Brewing Business

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Lone Star Beer has partnered up with Duck Camp to kick off hunting season with limited edition packaging in Duck Camp camo, a capsule merch collection and a tailgate event series at select Duck Camp retail locations.
Inspired by the nostalgia of the post hunt hangs, the brands leaned into an 80’s themed “time capsule” campaign: Lone Star Beer in Duck Camp Camo — So Doves Don’t Try To Drink Your Beer While You’re Hunting Them. The campaign, in partnership with creative agency Easy Pete’s, follows an unsuspecting dove hunter, Braxton, and his friends as they frolic through the brush with their Duck Camp camo laced Lone Star packaging.
“As two brands rooted in camaraderie, we really wanted to lean into the nostalgia that the return of the season brings — memories of post-hunt hangs with friends and family,” said Duck Camp Vice President of Marketing Grant Watson.
The co-branded merch collection includes 80’s Texas Outdoors inspired hats, T-shirts and custom beer koozies so the Lone Star is cold and accessible after the hunt. The limited merchandise is available starting Thursday, September 1 (tomorrow) at DuckCamp.com and LoneStarBeer.com. To sign up for alerts about merchandise availability, click HERE.
Merchandise will also be available at “Popperville” events, a tailgating event series taking place at Duck Camp’s retail locations in Austin and Houston on Saturday, Sept. 3. The Austin event starts at 3:00 p.m. and will feature live music from Jonathan Terrell supported by Raccoon Brothers and The Shinglers, with free BBQ provided by Robert Alvarado. The Houston event starts at 2:00 p.m. and will feature live music from Chris Seymore and Friends and complimentary bites and tapas from Patrick Feges.
“Being the National Beer of Texas, we love working with brands that fit our consumer’s lifestyle, that are rooted locally, and share our love for the land of Texas,” said Lone Star Beer Brand Director Daniel Crawford. “After an exciting year of using their Midland Camo on our packaging during hunting season, we wanted to go bigger this year with a campaign rooted in the lore of 80’s Texas Outdoors.”
The Lone Star x Duck Camp camo 12-packs can be found in stores all over Texas where beer is sold until they sell out.
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