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Lebanese Child's Doodles Inspire T-shirt Collection – I24NEWS – i24NEWS

One Lebanese child’s imagination is inspiring a new graphic t-shirt clothing line
A dream, a doodle, and maybe a few dollars. Ten-year-old Lebanese Liam Djermakian is proving that you’re never too young to start making some money. It all began with drawings on scrap papers, furniture, and anything else lying around in need of some artistic flare.
Impressed by his doodles, Djermakian’s family decided to help him brand his illustrations. Despite his young age, the boy is already receiving personal requests for unique designs on other clothing items and even a motorcycle.  
“I don’t have an inspiration that I am focused on but it’s mostly from my head. For example, I put my hand on the paper and then it is my hand that draws alone. It is as if my hand and my head are connected and they draw together just like that. And me, I tell myself… I can’t even control my head, it just draws by itself,” Djermakian said.  
His family decided to help him brand his own graphic clothing line featuring his best illustrations. The idea is to have the brand evolve as Liam gets older and develops his drawing style.
“Liam is 9” is already available for orders and was followed by “Liam is 10.” 
“My mom often tells me, when I get bored, to draw on my closet. I say “no, I want to keep space because since there is ‘Liam is 9’ and ‘Liam is 10.’ I want to leave space for let’s say, for example, when there will be ‘Liam is 11’ and ‘Liam is 12’. When I grow up, I want to look at my closet and think to myself ‘awesome, when I was young, I used to do this,'” Djermakian said.
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Once he turns 11 he will have three collections, a small business, and he isn’t even a teenager yet. However, for Liam, it is not about the money. He just loves drawing and has been doing it since he was only three.
He definitely inherited some of his talent from his parents who are both very passionate about art; operating a concept design store.
“It makes me want to draw more, because I know that after, there will be a bigger collection, and they will go to different stores also. This gives me courage,” Djermakian underlined. 
The concept store, where Liam’s collections were sold, was damaged by the 2020 Beirut port blast. In addition, the collections are still available for purchase online. 
The original designs are currently only featured on t-shirts. However, for Liam’s doodle bug anything is fair-game.

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