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I’m a business blogger – here are three easy side hustles that will make you big money… – The US Sun

A BUSINESS blogger is breaking down the easiest way to make fast cash on social media.
Reddit user, Sunnycee, explained that websites like Instagram, Amazon, and Substack have particular niches that can allow you to make thousands of dollars within days.
"I've put together 3 side hustles that you can start with $0, and I have personally tried myself," she explained.
"These aren't super "easy" or "quick cash", but they can 100% be done with a little sweat equity.
"They can also be done with $0 out of pocket, but starting with $100+ can make these grow much quicker."
Instagram is one of the world's most popular social media platforms, and with Sunnycee's guidance, she believes you can make money within 30 days without a brand deal.
To begin, you'll need to find a niche that is suitable for you and that isn't over-saturated on the app, like cars, watches, and drones.
Then you'll have to choose a simple, memorable profile name that doesn't include different numbers or symbols.
Next, Sunnycee advises you to follow 200+ accounts and hashtags to find content relatable to your profile.
You'll have to post viral content consistently throughout the day 2-3 times, preferably.
Only follow content that interacts with your brand, profiles who have not followed you back should be unfollowed.
If your account reaches 5,000+ followers, you may sell your profile to fameswap.com or charge users for promotion.
Amazon has different avenues for multiple sources of income.
One hidden gem about the wholesale company is Amazon Print on Demand.
Amazon Print on Demand is a form of dropshipping where you design custom products to be printed on generic products like t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other apparel.
Sunnycee told their followers that they can make money within 14-30 days.
Before diving into the process, you'll need to create an account at merch.amazon.com. It could take up to 14 days to be approved.
Once approved, upload graphics for any apparel you desire.
Using viral or trending topics is best.
Next, pick the product's color and price, and Amazon's website will handle the rest of the process.
Marketing your merchandise on social media will drive your customers to purchase your items.
Once making a sale, you'll be able to take a percentage.
Podcasting and blogging have become popular hobbies for people who like to discuss specific topics about their niches, and Substack allows you to make money from something you love to do on the side.
Sunnycee admitted that unlike Instagram and Amazon, the process takes 60 days before you can establish a source of income.
Before you begin, you'll have to create a Substack account.
Brainstorm and select a niche you'll like to talk about, and then create a content schedule to stay consistent.
Current event topics usually create a ton of traffic.
Next, spread the word by sharing the links on social media and have your friends and family subscribe to your content.
After reaching 1,000 subscribers, you can upsell a percentage of your subscribers to a paid premium service or sell ad space in your newsletter.
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