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GTA Online players convinced GTA 6’s Vice City map images shown on new shirt – CharlieINTEL.com

GTA Online players are convinced that Rockstar Games left in Vice City map images on the design of new in-game shirts.
After looking at new shirts that were added to the game, GTA Online players are convinced that Rockstar have dropped a major hint about the setting of GTA 6.

After Rockstar Games officially confirmed that the highly-anticipated GTA 6 is in development, the Grand Theft Auto community has been eager for official announcements about the game.
The GTA 5 follow-up’s setting has been the subject of mass speculation, with rumors pointing towards the game taking place in Vice City. Now, players have discovered a potential hint about the location in GTA Online.
Players noticed that designs for a few new shirts added to GTA Online feature black and white photographs. One of them is a female character giving the middle finger in a car while the other shows a rollercoaster surrounded by trees.
One Redditor claimed that these images were strange because an NPC flipping the bird in GTA Online “never uses her right arm.” They also added that the rollercoaster in GTA 5 doesn’t have any trees next to it.
A commenter stated that the picture of the girl flipping the bird “might still be from GTA V, as the image could be flipped to fit the shirt better.” However, one user pointed out that this isn’t the case since the steering wheel in this American car is on the left side.
In a GTAForums thread, another player claimed that the location in the photograph “doesn’t look like anywhere in LS.” They then added that Rockstar might be “casually hiding GTA VI screenshots” in the game’s assets.
One player in the thread claimed that the rollercoaster image is most likely a “modified GTA 5 or a stock image.” However, they also added that if it really is from GTA 6 then it could be a parody of Disney World.
They explained: “If GTA 6 does have a secondary city that’s smaller than Vice City, Anaheim would be a good choice in my view. I can imagine a highly detailed Disney parody surrounded by a few neighborhoods and a small downtown.”
Since this is currently all just speculation, we recommend taking these claims with a grain of salt. Rockstar might’ve simply added these images to the shirts as a cool design element without the intention of teasing GTA 6.
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Image credits: Rockstar Games / GTAForums
Battlefield 2042 players have been desperate for a Server Browser to be added, and the devs provided an update in a Season 2 livestream.
The Server Browser has long been a staple of the Battlefield franchise, allowing players to find a match that perfectly suits their preferences. The feature was missing from Battlefield 2042 and hearing the pleas, DICE have responded.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 brought more weapons, a brand-new map, and quality of life updates to help get the game into the state it was always meant to be. While players are delighted with the menu overhaul, they’re still calling for a dedicated Server Browser.
The Server Browser features in every Battlefield game, allowing players to find games full servers on the maps and modes they want to play, and is especially useful for players in regions with low player counts.
DICE sat down to discuss all of Season 2’s new content and what’s to come with the Season 2 Dev Corner stream. They confirmed they’ve heard the Server Browser requests loud and clear but it’s not good news for those that have been calling for it.
“One thing we wanted to help manage your expectations on is the requests we’ve tracked since launch to bring a server browser to All Out Warfare,” explained DICE Community Manager Tom Straatman. “Presently we have no plans to introduce a second Server Browser or modify the existing Portal Server Browser experience to include All Out Warfare.”
While the Season 2 update made joining up with friends much easier, Straatman confirmed that “when it comes to a Server Browser specifically for All Out Warfare, we’re currently not pursuing this. We’ve had a lot of questions on this so wanted to make sure you got an answer.”
They do want to bring persistent servers to Battlefield Portal, though. “This is something that we’re looking for solutions on and will offer more details to share on that once we’ve got those plans more firmly shaped up,” he concluded.
Battlefield’s devs are well aware of the game’s criticism and even poked fun at themselves with a new Season 2 cosmetic.
Image Credit: DICE / EA
Want to become the best and the strongest bug for free? Check out these redeemable codes for Roblox’s Little World working in September 2022.
Little World on Roblox allows players to live the life of a bug that can take on bosses, train, collect fruit, and evolve. Here’s a list of all the redeemable codes for Little World that can grant you free stars and other rewards in September 2022.

Considering that there are millions of games on Roblox, it isn’t a surprise that there’s a game that lets you literally play like a bug. Simulator experiences like Strongman Simulator, Driving Simulator, and Car Dealership Tycoon are already popular among players but Little World certainly stands out.
You start your journey as a ladybug but there are several interesting elements such as evolutions, bosses, and fruits. The goal is to become the strongest bug out there.
If you want to get a kickstart in Little Word, check out these redeemable codes that offer free stars in September 2022.
These Little World codes will hand out free rewards to you in September 2022:
Do note that Roblox codes can be case-sensitive. Hence, it is always better to copy-paste them directly from the list above. Little World is inching towards 500k likes and the developers have promised to release a new free pet for players when it happens.
When Little World hits 500k likes on Roblox, Counter Impact might release a new redeemable code too and we’ll update this list accordingly.
The following Little World codes no longer offer rewards and have expired:
Follow these steps to redeem Little World codes and get free rewards:
Codes are great for both Roblox developers and players. While the former can promote their game through such free rewards, the latter can boost their progress with minimal effort.
If you play a wide range of Roblox games, make sure to check out our Roblox Codes lists for Adopt Me, Friday Night Bloxxin’, and Vehicle Legends.
Image Credits: Counter Impact
The Apex Legends developers released a comic strip that teases the arrival of Loba’s rumored folding fan Heirloom in Season 14.
Respawn Entertainment released an official Apex Legends comic strip that teases the arrival of Loba’s Heirloom, rumored to be a war fan.

Apex Legends is set to receive a wide assortment of brand-new cosmetic items in the Season 14 Collection Event, and players are convinced that it will bring a new Heirloom for the Legend Loba.
There has been a ton of speculation about what Loba’s Heirloom will be, and one rumor is that it will be a decorative folding fan. Now, the developers might have confirmed this to be the case.
On August 30, the Apex Legends Twitter account shared an official comic strip starring Loba. This short story gives us some more insight into her background, including the fact that her mother once owned a folding fan.
While her original goal was to get her hands on a gem, she puts that aside to steal the fan instead. This shows that the decorative item is of great importance to her, making it an ideal choice for an Heirloom.
A girl's best friend pic.twitter.com/zqztGr5xYv
This wouldn’t be the first instance of a Legend’s Heirloom having a deep link to their past, as Crypto’s Biwon Blade came with an animation of him taking out a picture of his family. So, it’s possible that Loba has a similar connection with her Heirloom in Apex Legends.
However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the developers haven’t officially confirmed that the folding fan is Loba’s Heirloom. Previous leaks suggested that her war fan would feature blades but those aren’t shown in the comic.
We won’t know for sure if Respawn Entertainment were teasing Loba’s Heirloom in the comic until they make an official announcement. Hopefully, we’ll see it appear in the game during the Season 14 Collection Event.
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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment / Twitter: Apex Legends
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