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Giants' shirts reignite Pham-Pederson fantasy football feud – SFGATE

Joc Pederson of the San Francisco Giants celebrates after scoring on a wild pitch in the bottom of the eighth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Oracle Park on June 11, 2022, in San Francisco.
The fantasy football feud that just won’t go away has taken yet another turn.
Ahead of their game against the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday, many members of the San Francisco Giants wore T-shirts that read, “Fantasy 101: Stashing players on the IR isn’t cheating.”
The San Francisco Giants, team of Joc Pederson, warmed up in these shirts before the game yesterday 😂 pic.twitter.com/VPB8aEw9CK
The message was a direct response to the May 27 slapping incident when Cincinnati Reds’ Tommy Pham smacked Giants’ Joc Pederson in the face over a fantasy football vendetta concerning the legality of how Pederson used his IR (injured reserve) list.
The shirts came complete with Pederson’s signature. 
Ever aware of slights, Pham responded to the shirts on Twitter by writing, “They really played themselves bcuz now All I have to do is release the IR rules in the league and the text how I told Joc I was gonna pimp slap him for cheating.”
While the shirts played for a laugh, Pederson was apparently annoyed at his teammates for wearing them and said he had nothing to do with the creation of the shirts.

“That’s kind of messed up,” said Pederson to the San Francisco Chronicle. “I don’t think that’s OK to just be sending stuff out like I’ve made it or I did something and have my autograph on it. I didn’t like that.” (SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of one another.)
Since the slap took place, odd details about the fight have continued to come out, from the fact that the buy-in for the fantasy league was reportedly $10,000 (these are major league athletes after all) to Pham calling Los Angeles Angel’s star Mike Trout the “the worst commissioner in fantasy sports.”
Pederson told the Chronicle that the shirts were confiscated and that “we’re just working on defusing a situation.”
The outfielder’s comments on the shirts are in keeping with his message that he doesn’t think “violence is the answer.”
The ongoing feud hasn’t hampered the Giants, who are riding a five-game win streak and have pulled within three games of first place. 
The slap saga could be in for a new turn in just over a week, when the Reds come to town for a three-game series starting Friday, June 24. 
Gabe Lehman is a Homepage Editor with SFGATE and can be reached at Gabriel.Lehman@sfgate.com.


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