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Football Music Culture are screening the biggest show on earth for a good cause – Beat Magazine

Through Match Mixer, FMC’s screening of live and delayed screenings of World Cup matches at their custom-fitted studio in Fitzroy, Football Music Culture will use the platform to bring attention to human rights abuses associated with the event.
They will also be selling t-shirts sustainably printed with provocative designs from Melbourne artists, and raising money for the families of people who died during the construction of World Cup venues in Qatar.
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Former Socceroo, football pundit, and social justice campaigner Craig Foster is supporting the Mix Maker project.
“I urge football fans to think about members of our own community around the world, whose rights are being abused every day such as migrant workers, women and the Qatari LGBTI community,” says Foster.
“As global citizens, we can ensure that the World Cup provides visibility for affected groups and as we watch the games, and simultaneously can continue to call on Qatar, and all football-loving countries, including Australia, to treat people according to basic human rights principles.”
Match Mixer
Complete with a bar and an eye-catching grandstand built entirely from discarded stadium seating, Football Music Culture is the perfect place for any punter to enjoy a screening of the World Cup, all the while supporting a good cause.
Art and music can influence the way football fans respond and engage with the issues,” says Shane Boyle, the founder of FMC. “With Match Mixer, we can bring in the art element, and still enjoy the biggest show on earth while giving back.”
Bookings for the 9pm Match Mixer live screenings can be made here and fundraising merchandise can be purchased here.
This article was made in partnership with Football Music Culture.


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