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Fire that destroyed historic building in Marlin prompts downtown closures after two water mains rupture – KWTX

MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) – Firefighters from throughout Central Texas on Sunday morning extinguished a fire that destroyed a historic building in downtown Marlin.
The fire erupted at around 9 a.m. in a historic building in the 200 block of Live Oak Street, awaking nearby neighbors with its billowing smoke.
“I got up, cooking my breakfast, and opened up my window, and saw the fire and smoke coming out,” Juan M. Garnica, a Marlin resident, told KWTX. “They were like at least 20 feet high, the flames.”
KWTX has learned the building used to be a T-shirt shop owned by a local resident.
“We just suffered a fire about four months ago where we lost another historical building, and here we are again losing another awesome building,” said Marlin resident Sandra Armstrong, who was at the scene. “It was a T-shirt shop, so I’m sure it’s gonna be a tremendous business loss for that person.”
In July, a large blaze engulfed the two-story building at the corner of Wood Street and Commerce Street.
Firefighters from throughout Central Texas, including Waco, Rosebud, Golinda and Lott, worked tirelessly to extinguish the building. It eventually collapsed, leaving nothing but smokey rubble behind.
Making matters even worse, two water mains in Marlin ruptured as a result of the destruction.
“We had a major water main break right there, where the fire was, once the fire was out, because of all the weight that was on the main, plus the amount of pressure the water went through,” Cedric Davis, Marlin’s City Manager, told KWTX.
Portions of streets in downtown Marlin began to sink in, prompting the city to close its downtown for the entire day, according to the town’s Facebook page.
Davis said officials are working hard to get the city up and running again by Monday night or Tuesday morning.
“Everybody’s tired, but I will say the motivation is still there because we are professionals in what we do,” Davis said. “We try to give our best, and we don’t quit until we can’t go anymore.”
The cause of the fire is still being investigated.


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