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F1 Superstar Lando Norris’ Gaming Team Excites Fans With Groovy New Xbox Controllers – EssentiallySports

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Who said being a Formula One driver doesn’t mean you can’t follow your passion? The young F1 prodigy Lando Norris sure knows how to follow his liking for gaming. He has even built his brand surrounding gaming.
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Lando Norris is a young F1 driver who drives for the English team, McLaren is famous as one of the most talented drivers on the F1 grid. However, Norris showcased another great skill in his brand. During the pandemic, when F1 racing was at a halt, Norris tried his hand at video game streaming.
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Norris soon got a lot of attention from his F1 fans and attracted new fans who loved his video games. Soon Norris took a unique turn that no one saw coming. He started an eSport team, Team Quadrant. Now the Belgian-British driver plans to expand his team into a big brand as he’s coming up with various merchandise.
The F1 driver has come up with various merchandise, like hoodies, t-shirts, and water bottles. But Norris came up with new merchandise which is closest to his brand. The 22-year-old joined hands with Scuf Gaming for customized controllers. Scuf Gaming is a brand famous for creating mind-blowing custom designs for consoles and controllers.
Are you ready to #sQUAD up with our all-new @Scufgaming controller?
Use code Quadrant to get 5% off on any order on the SCUF website!
Shop now 👇 https://t.co/PUKuE6Q3Eg pic.twitter.com/CXEJxpK9wU
— Quadrant (@Quadrant) August 16, 2022

Norris’s customized line of controllers consists of four varieties. There are customized controllers for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X & S, and Xbox One. However, the controllers are themed after Team Quadrant’s iconic colors, neon green, and black. So, fans might not get a huge range of color choices, but the theme looks amazing.
As soon as Norris shared his brand’s new line of custom controllers, fans were thrilled about it. Fans showcased their excitement for the customized controllers and wanted to get their hands on the Lando Norris controllers. Even though the controller has just one theme, fans appreciated the appearance.
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While the controller impressed the fans, the price tag failed to do the same. The Lando Norris controllers cost more than the standard ones. So, the F1 driver needs to look into the customized controller’s price tag. Let’s look at some of those comments.
I’ll be rocking one of these bad boys very soon👀😍
— Fifakill (@Fifakill_) August 16, 2022

@jwolst97 think it’s a good thing I don’t have an Xbox or PlayStation otherwise I’d waste my money once again 😅
— Chelsea Jane Astell 🥀 (@chelskie123) August 16, 2022

184 dollars? yeah i’ll wait
— jon luke ✝️ (@jon_luke__) August 17, 2022

184 dollars? yeah i’ll wait
— jon luke ✝️ (@jon_luke__) August 17, 2022

184 dollars? yeah i’ll wait
— jon luke ✝️ (@jon_luke__) August 17, 2022

I called it! Looks great
— Beth🌼 (@ThatDamnBeth) August 16, 2022
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Omggg thats reallyyy nice!! 😍
— Danique ✨ (@Daniquexf1) August 16, 2022

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Undoubtedly, Lando Norris is taking some good steps to expand his eSports organization. It would be fascinating to see what more merchandise he comes up with. What are your thoughts on Lando Norris’ customized controllers? Let us know in the comments.
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