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Ex-Celsius CEO's Wife Selling 'Unbankrupt Yourself' T-Shirts – Entrepreneur

Signing out of account, Standby…
Celsius’ slogan was “unbank yourself,” and the new T-shirts are not playing well on Twitter.
Celsius Network told customers to “Unbank Yourself” — then went bankrupt, leaving users’ deposits in the lurch — and now Krissy Machinsky, wife of Celsius founder and former CEO Alex Mashinsky, is selling T-shirts that say “Unbankrupt Yourself.”
(Mashinsky submitted a letter of resignation on Sept. 27, but he will continue to “help the community unite behind a plan that will provide the best outcome for all creditors,” according to a press release. Celsius filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July.)
Actor Ben McKenzie, who played Ryan Atwood on “The O.C.” (and now a cryptocurrency critic and soon-to-be co-author on an investigative book), pointed out the T-shirts on Twitter.
Krissy Mashinsky, whose husband Alex is the CEO of Celsius, the bankrupt crypto lending firm whose slogan was “Unbank Yourself”, is selling a new t-shirt. Ht @MikeBurgersburg https://t.co/wnmXwXNaFF
The shirts are sold on the e-commerce site usastrong.IO, which Krissy Mashinsky founded.
It’s unclear when the T-shirt went up for sale, or where the proceeds will go, but the company tweeted about at least one version of it (it comes in black, white, and gray) on September 7.
Unbankrupt Yourself T-Shirt – Black https://t.co/quA7xZDYBJ
It also is unclear who manufactures the product, as the e-commerce site sells from a host of merchants.
However, the usastrong.IO account did quote McKenzie’s tweet:
Thank you for promoting the tshirt. We have been able to increase TShirt production in Texas and add additional jobs because of your press. #madeinamerica #usamade https://t.co/qDaKu8UmOi
Mashinsky has a history of defending the company (and herself) on Twitter.
Celsius had a wild ride. It offered a very desirable, high APY for users to store their crypto. But it was a “Ponzi scheme” according to one lawsuit, and paused user withdrawals in June and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July. Customers are also unlikely to get their money back.
People have said they lost retirement savings, financial livelihoods, and mental well-being because of the freeze, per CNBC.
This T-shirt was “pouring salt in the wound,” one Reddit user wrote.
“If this was from anyone else but Krissy I may appreciate it,” they wrote. “From her position [it] is next level insulting,” they said.
The shirt was roasted on Twitter.
The true scam face of @CelsiusNetwork. Mocking people who lost everything. #CryptoNews https://t.co/AbQITM2Lvq
Imagine bankrupting people and selling this https://t.co/AeiPF3QIum
A crypto influencer and founder, Simon Dixon, referenced the T-shirts, and Mashinsky quote-tweeted, asking if the person had ever met him and why she was being brought into the situation.
Lets ask @SimonDixonTwitt goals:
1. Hve We met in person?
2. Who specifically first introduced u to @CelsiusNetwork ,what was the specific date? who was there as witness?
3. Hve u tag me in a tweet before the past 2 months?
4. Y r u involving me? https://t.co/LcexH3eMzK

Mashinsky founded usastrong.IO in 2020, according to Linkedin.
The company did not respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment. Krissy Mashinsky did not respond to DMs on Instagram and LinkedIn.
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