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Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: The different Founder's Packs and how to claim them – Sportskeeda

Disney Dreamlight Valley will eventually be free to play, but its Early Access version must be purchased.
The game is scheduled to officially launch in 2023. Until then, players will have to buy a Founder’s Pack or download it through Xbox Game Pass to explore the valley.
There are three Founder’s Packs available at different tiers. They each come at their own price and with their own rewards, though the one thing in common is that they grant access to Disney Dreamlight Valley.
The three Founder’s Packs provide varying levels of rewards for players who want Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are available on each system where the game can be played.
The systems and digital stores are:
The Founder’s Packs are the same across all devices. There is a Standard Edition, a Deluxe Edition, and an Ultimate Edition that players can get their hands on.
The Founder’s Pack rewards will not be available immediately once players begin a game of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Instead, they have to complete a bit of the story and then claim the rewards.
Here is how to do so:
Xbox Game Pass users will automatically gain access to the Standard Edition if they decide to download Disney Dreamlight Valley. Owners of other devices need to spend some money to claim their rewards.
When it comes to these rewards, the game doesn’t explicitly detail what some of them are used for. The likes of Moonstones and Designs are fairly important and can be used as follows:
As mentioned earlier, a free-to-play version of the game is coming with a full launch. However, those who don’t want to wait can get a Founder’s Pack, play early, and utilize the many rewards given with their purchase.


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