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Custom Grisly Jeffrey Dahmer Gear Being Sold on Etsy – TMZ

Jeffrey Dahmer is all the rage this spooky season, and while full-blown costumes — mimicking the serial killer and his crimes — have been yanked offline, the homemade crowd still has an outlet.
Etsy, as it turns out, is hawking a ton of Dahmer-themed gear right now — stuff from graphic tees to cutting boards and everything in between, it seems. The shirts, in particular, are distasteful … especially because of the jokey messages blared across the fronts.
There are a few iterations of “Jeff Boyardee” tees that are cheap buys … $8 to $20, more or less. Another leans in on the sadomasochism and invokes another serial murderer — reading, “Choke me like Bundy and Eat me like Dahmer.” Both of their faces are featured.
Dahmer shoes are also being sold, with a cartoon version of his face and a bunch of chopped meat all over the outside. The cutting board has Dahmer’s name etched into the wood and a note that says, “If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em. – Jeffrey Dahmer.”
The point here is … Dahmer-fever’s now reaching well beyond places like eBay … which has removed a lot of similar items.
As we reported … eBay says a lot of the JD-inspired costumes that were/are on their platform violate their terms and conditions, especially as it pertains to promoting violent content — which obviously applies to Dahmer, who killed upwards of 17 boys and men.
You’re definitely not gonna see Dahmer costumes in stores or anything, which might be why people are turning to places like eBay or Etsy — but the fact is, a Dahmer outfit is not difficult to recreate whatsoever.
If people wanna dress up as Dahmer, they’re probably gonna do it whether they can get it on the Internet or elsewhere — this despite the outcry from the families of the slain.
That’s part of the debate about the Netflix series … it’s made so well, so creepy and so meme-able that people can’t seem to help themselves.
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