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Canucks' (and many other teams) Reverse Retro jersey logo design appears to have been accidentally released – Canucks Army

The NHL and Adidas will be bringing back the Reverse Retro alternate jerseys for all 32 NHL teams in the 2022-23 season.
And there’s a good chance that by now, you’ve already seen the Canucks’ newest jersey, which was the first of this year’s lineup to leak.
To refresh your memory, the uniforms appear as though they will be based on the ones first worn by the WHL’s Canucks in 1962-63:
We don't have any photos that include jersey numbers, but it's worth noting that the originals had the player's number above the right side of the logo. The new version appears to be leaving some room there too. #Canucks pic.twitter.com/NqcKEjdXRH
— Lachlan Irvine (@LachInTheCrease) July 24, 2022

What remains unclear about the Canucks’ Reverse Retro is if there will be numbers on the left side of the chest portion of the jersey.
What is clear, however, is that this rendition of the Johnny Canuck logo will be used on the jersey.
On Monday, the official NHL shop website featured multiple t-shirts featuring what appears to be each team’s reverse retro logo.
The Canucks’ logo was, in essence, confirmed, while other teams’ came to light for the first time.
We’re feeling for the Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights here.
More leaked Reverse Retro shirts … pic.twitter.com/v8OW1HkRJh
— Mike Gould (@miketgould) August 24, 2022

— Mike Gould (@miketgould) August 24, 2022

It also appears that the Montreal Canadiens will be using Montreal Expo colours for their Reverse Retro uniform, while the San Jose Sharks will go with the 1974-76 white California Golden Seals-inspired jerseys:
The expos rumors are true. It looks like the Canadiens are using the Expos blue for their RR’s this upcoming season. pic.twitter.com/eFhlonpSDy
— rob (@IvanIvanlvan) August 24, 2022

According to leaks, the Sharks will use the 1974-76 white Golden Seals inspired jerseys. ⛸
(H/T: @tealtownusa)#SJSharks pic.twitter.com/aRMs2lJyL2
— Shark Tank Report (@sanjosehockey_) August 24, 2022

The postings were all taken off the NHL shop website hours later, but not before fans could snap some pictures of the ones that made it onto the site.
The Reverse Retro uniform initiative first debuted in the pandemic-shortened 2020-21 NHL season. In that year, the Canucks wore gradient jerseys that were a reimagining of their third jerseys from the early 2000s.
The Canucks lost all four games they played in those jerseys back in 2021, and will certainly be hoping for better fortunes when they take the ice in their new Johnny Canuck Reverse Retros this upcoming season.
By David Quadrelli
3 – 2 (SO)

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