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Antique And Classic Automobiles To Roll Into Newtown On Sunday – Patch

NEWTOWN BOROUGH, Pa. — The Newtown Antique & Classic Auto Show is returning to State Street this weekend with a century’s worth of automotive history and the world’s only 1956 Continental Derham Victoria Coupe.
After two years of cruising through town due to COVID-19, the show, presented by the Newtown Business Association, steers back into Newtown Borough on Sunday, August 28 with a rain date of Sunday, Sept. 11.
From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., antique and classic automobiles, trucks, Corvettes and special interest cars – in all makes and models from 1900 to 1997 – will be on display on State Street between Jefferson Street and Centre Avenue.
“Everyone’s really excited to get back to State Street and to the old format,” said show chairman Dan Petty. “It’s one of the four big events that happen in Newtown. We’re expecting a couple thousand people, plus. And we’re probably going to have between 125 and 150 cars when we’re all said and done.”

With nine classes of cars, Petty said people can expect all kinds of vehicles from the early 1900s up to the late 1990s.
“People are going to enjoy looking at these cars,” said Petty. “There is something for everybody. We’ll have hot rods. We’ll have some old Model As. We’ll get a couple of historic military trucks. We’ve got specialty cars, foreign cars, custom and modified cars. You’ll see huge trucks and a lot of 60s and 70s. We’ll also get all kinds of cool cars from the 80s. And even from the 1990s, which believe it or not, are now classics.”
Among the featured cars this year will be the world’s only 1956 Continental Derham Victoria Coupe, a beautifully restored customized vehicle owned by Bucks County resident Gene Epstein.
Epstein discovered the vehicle on BarnFinds in 2017, purchased it and spent three years restoring the vehicle to better-than-new condition. You can watch the process by clicking here.
“I have known Gene for many years and I love it when he shows up with a car,” said committee member and longtime car show organizer Paul Salvatore. “In fact, if he doesn’t show up, it doesn’t feel like an official show.”
Salvatore said he’s looking forward to this year’s show and once again being able to walk up and down State Street, look at the cars and do it without having to wear a mask.
“After two years of lock downs it’s good to start getting our lives back. People need these kind of events now more than ever,” he said.
Salvatore encourages everyone to grab a bite to eat at one of Newtown’s many eateries and restaurants and enjoy a walk down historic State Street.
“This is such a varied show that there is always something to interest everyone. It could be a classic 1940s Packard or a World War II Jeep. We never know for sure what’s going to show up,” he said.
According to Petty, experienced volunteers will be judging the show looking for the condition – dents, dings, dust – and originality of the vehicles.
In addition to showcasing the cars, the event, presented by the Newtown Business Association, is all about spotlighting Newtown as a great place to live, work, shop and play.
“While they are in town, we want people to visit the shops and businesses, enjoy a meal at Isaac’s, The Temperance House, Mom Mom’s and the other places to eat in town,” said Petty.

Throughout the show, members of the Newtown Business Association will be selling auto show t-shirts and posters. Look for the booth near the Newtown Borough Hall.
“The NBA is committed to connecting our community and the car show is a great way to accomplish that goal,” said Petty. “We also showcase our partner sponsor businesses at the event each year so that gives them the exclusive exposure to communicate and share their products with the community.”
The Newtown show typically draws thousands of spectators, with trophies being awarded in special marque categories and additional classes.
The annual Newtown Business Association’s Antique & Classic Auto Show has been a long running tradition since the mid 1970s when Dave Krewson (former NBA President) and fellow car buffs in the Association held the first auto show. Having no nucleus of cars to exhibit, they paid “The Trenton Horseless Carriage Club” to bring their cars to State Street on a Saturday in June and gave them each a $5 chit for lunch.
This year’s car show planning committee includes: Dan Petty, Paul Salvatore, Vince Belardo, Bill Sheffer, Ryan Galiber, Steve DiSalvo, John DePaul, and Brooke Straiton.
Judging this year’s show are: Vince Belardo, Jeff Bethman, Austin Antosiewicz, Dave Spensor, Charlie Lewis, Charles Swartz, Lou Cammisa, Scott Szabo, Charles Feuer and Roger Wilson.

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